20-24th March 2023 / Centre Paul Langevin, Aussois, France

16th Plants Bacteria Meeting

16th Plants-Bacteria Meeting

Aussois 2023

The next face-to-face Plants and Bacteria Meeting in Aussois will take place the week of march 20-24, 2023. Registration for the January 2022 Plants and Bacteria Meeting is equivalent to registration for the next Plants and Bacteria Meeting in March 2023.

2023 Confirmed speakers

Scientific sessions

  • Physiology of plant-bacteria interactions: regulation, epigenetics, metabolites
  • Plant health management
  • Chemical ecology, secondary metabolites
  • Structure, function and engineering of the microbiome within the phytobiome
  • Evolution, phylogeny and plant and bacterial genomics
  • Plant immunity and Molecular dialog during plant-bacteria interactions: from symbiosis to pathogenicity
  • Emergence, Epidemiology, Ecology, Effect of the environment

Inclusive practices

The scientific and organizing committees ensure the integration of inclusive practices for the organization of the Plant Bacteria Meeting, in particular a fair place for women and men in the invited conferences.

On this subject, the committees invite participants to discover the video by Louise van Oudenhove (researcher in theoretical ecology at INRAE), on professional (in)equality linked to gender stereotypes, published by INRAE's Plant Health and Environment (SPE) in March 2022, by following this link.

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To remember

  • Date
    20-24th March 2023
  • Place
    Centre Paul Langevin, Aussois, France
  • Registration
    From 15 September 2022 to 25 November 2022
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Scientific committee

  • Wafa Achouak, DR CNRS, Cadarache
  • Benoit Alunni, MCF Paris Sud University
  • Marie-Anne Barny, DR INRAE, Paris
  • Odile Berge, CR INRAE, Avignon
  • Pierre Czernic, Prof Montpellier University
  • Lionel Gagnevin, CR CIRAD, Montpellier
  • Alice Guidot, CR INRAE, Toulouse
  • Florence Hommais, MCF Lyon 1 University
  • Mathilde Hutin, CR IRD, Montpellier
  • Pascal Ratet, DR CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette
  • Adrien Rieux, CR CIRAD, Saint-Pierre de La Réunion
  • Marie Simonin, CR INRAE, Angers
  • Florence Wisniewski-Dyé, Prof Lyon 1 University

Local committee

Laboratoire des interactions Plantes Microorganismes Environnement

  • Benjamin Gourion, CR CNRS
  • Alice Guidot, CR INRAE
  • Laurent Noel, DR CNRS
  • Nicolas Pauly, MCF Côte d'Azur University
  • Philippe Remigi, CR CNRS
  • Fabienne Vailleau, DR INRAE

Laboratoire de Recherche en Sciences Végétales

  • Jean-Malo Couzigou, CR CNRS
  • Jean-Philippe Galaud, Prof Toulouse 3 University
  • Malick Mbengue, MCF Toulouse 3 University