Confirmed Speakers

Emanuele Biondi, DR CNRS Gif sur Yvette, France

Marie-Agnès Jacques, INRAE, Angers

Honour McCann, Max Planck, Tubingen

Thomas Rey, De sangosse Toulouse

Philippe Reymond, Université de Lausanne

Ashley Shade, Michigan State University

Laure Weisskopf, Freibourg University

Cyril Zipfel, Zurich University

A round table "Analytical chemistry of specialized metablites for interaction analysis" will be moderated by David Touboul and Véronique Eparvier.



Lundi 20 mars 2023

17:00    19:00    INSCRIPTIONS                                                          

19:15    20:00    Apéritif                                                         

20:00    21:00    DINER                                                           

21:10    21:20    Ouverture des 16èmes Rencontres Plantes Bactéries                                              

21:20   22:00   SESSION Introductive

21:20    22:00    Invité Philippe Reymond How Arabidopsis perceive and respond to insect eggs


Mardi 21 mars 2023

08:45   11:50   SESSION Plant immunity and Plant health management : diagnostic, biocontrol and other methods

Modérateurs : Pascal RATET et Laurent NOEL

08:45    Invité Thomas Rey A rhizospheric Streptomyces activates plant defence responses through production of a specific macrolide and modulates root microbiota composition

09:25    Tristan Lurthy Development and evaluation of Pseudomonas strains for biocontrol against Orobanche parasitic weeds

09:40    Adriana Giongo Actinomycetes display antagonism against soil-borne fungi in winter wheat fields

09:55    Adrien Anckaert Molecular crosstalk of the interkingdom interaction betwenn Rhizophagus irregularis and Bacillus velezensis

10:10    Alexandre Degrave Sticky apple proteins: inducible amaranthin like-lectins in the war against the fire blight pathogen, Erwinia amylovora


10:25    PAUSE


10:50    Simon Duchateau Role of ananatosides and their precursors in the resistance induced by Pantoea ananatis BRT175 in Arabidopsis thaliana

11:05    Alexia Gaudry Role of the root extracellular trap in the interaction of the root cap with soil microorganisms

11:20    Nicolas Pauly Is MtSOBIR1 involved in Medicago truncatula (sym)biotic interactions?

11:35    Juliette Delisle et Caroline Lacault Détection des agents pathogènes transmis par les semences potagères : développement et validation des méthodes de contrôle par les entreprises semencières du groupe Limagrain.

11:50    MON POSTER EN 60 SECONDES Posters impairs 1 à 39


12:30    13:30    DEJEUNER                                                   


13:30   17:00   LIBRE






17:00   19:10   SESSION Chemical ecology, secondary metabolites

Modérateurs : Florence WISNIEWSKI-DYÉ et Denis FAURE

17:00    Invitée Laure Weisskopf Microbe-microbe communication in the plant microbiota and its impact on plant health

17:40    Cintia Blanco Nouche The NRPS-Independent Siderophore (NIS) Rhizobactin produced by the strain Caballeronia mineralivorans PML1(12) confers the ability to weather minerals

17:55    Typhaine Brual A natural single nucleotide mutation in the small RNA ArcZ of Dickeya solani switches off the antimicrobial activities against yeast and bacteria.

18:10    Augustin Rigolet Insights into the enzymatic degradation of Bacillus lipopeptides by Streptomyces and its ecological outcomes

18:25    Adrian Lautrey Ecological significance of a newly identified L-kynurenine pathway in the plant-beneficial rhizobacteria Azospirillum lipoferum 4B

18:40    Sarah Yammine Comparison of the signal transduction efficiency in the Vfm quorum sensing system of the genus Dickeya according to the polymorphism of the vfm genes

18:55    Thibault Sana Structure and function of plant-associated bacterial cellulose secretion systems


19:10    MON POSTER EN 60 SECONDES Posters impairs 41 à 63


19:30    20:30    DINER                                                          


21:00                 SESSION POSTERS IMPAIRS

Mercredi 22 mars 2023

08:45   11:55   SESSION Physiology of plant-bacteria interactions: regulation, epigenetics, metabolites

Modérateurs : Florence HOMMAIS & Pierre CZERNIC

08:45    Invité Emanuele Biondi Genome dynamics during cell cycle and differentiation in free and symbiotic alphaproteobacteria

09:25    Sara Dendene FcrX, a new global regulator of cell cycle in free living conditions and during symbiosis in Sinorhizobium meliloti

09:40    Amina Ilyas The beneficial effect of Enterobacter sp. SA187 on the development of Arabidopsis thaliana under elevated Atmospheric CO2 conditions.

09:55    Fanny Nazaret The Sinorhizobium meliloti redox-sensing MarR-like regulator RoxR is crucial for bacterial infection in symbiosis with Medicago truncatula

10:10    Aurore Coissac Role of DNA methyltransferases in virulence of the plant pathogenic bacteria Ralstonia solanacearum

10:25    Florence Wisniewski-Dyé Hommage Florence Dechèvre


10:30    PAUSE                                                          


10:55    Eulalie Fourneau Importance of Plant-Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria responses to root exudates in establishing beneficial plant-bacteria interactions

11:10    Dupérier Loko Deciphering the genetic bases of peanut biological nitrogen fixation using an African peanut core-collection and GWAS approach

11:25    Jean-Marc Routaboul Hydathode: the Achilles’ heel of Brassicaceae immunity?

11:40    Gersende Lepere The type III-secreted effector HopT1-1 hijacks the function of a novel host susceptibility factor to suppress microRNA activity and cause disease


11:55    MON POSTER EN 60 SECONDES Posters pairs 2 à 30                                  


12:30    13:30    DEJEUNER                                                   






14:30   16:30   TABLE RONDE

“Analytical chemistry of specialized metabolites for interaction analysis”

Animée par David TOUBOUL et Véronique EPARVIER




17:00   19:10   SESSION Effect of the environment, epidemiology, ecology

Modérateurs : Odile BERGE et Olivier PRUVOST

17:00    Invitée Marie-Agnès Jacques Management of emergencies and health crises in phytobacteriology, contributions of biology & epidemiology to epidemiosurveillance under climate change

17:40    Chloé Feltin Does the presence of phages have an impact on the diversity of Pseudomonas syringae on apricot trees?

17:55    Christelle Lacroix The severity of kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa) bacterial canker disease under conditions of abiotic stresses

18:10    Emma Caullireau Temperature plays a decisive role in the ability of P. syringae strains carrying a recognized avirulence gene to induce a HR in Arabidopsis thaliana

18:25    Jérémy Delamare Impact of heat stress on root morphology and root exudation in rapeseed and camelina: which consequences for plant/soil microbiota interactions?

18:40    Cédric Beraud Fallopia spp. and the Nitrogen Cycle


18:55    MON POSTER EN 60 SECONDES Posters pairs 32 à 62


19:30    20:30    DINER                                                          


21:00                 SESSION POSTERS PAIRS                                                                





Jeudi 23 mars 2023


08:45   12:05   SESSION Molecular dialog during plant-bacteria interactions: from symbiosis to pathogenicity

Modérateurs : Mathilde HUTIN et Benoit ALUNNI

08:45    Invité Cyril Zipfel Identification and characterization of phytocytokines.

09:25    Thomas Prévitali Pathogen flow at the root nodule interface

09:40    Mathilde Vincent Does the bacterial symbiont Frankia modulate plant defences of Alnus against the phytopathogen Phytophthora ?

09:55    Charlotte Gaudin Common Bean Resistance induction studied using Transcription Activator-Like Effectors

10:10    Natasha Horta Araujo Characterization of AeRLCK2, a key player for the establishment of the Nod-independent symbiosis in Aeschynomene evenia

10:25    Chaoyan Yin MtGENERAL REGULATORY FACTOR 8 interacts with MtSymbiotic CYSTEINE-RICH-RECEPTOR, a regulator of chronic infection in Medicago truncatula nodules


10:40    PAUSE                                                          


11:05    Anaïs Blache Outer membrane vesicles of Pseudomonas brassicacearum induce plant systemic resistance.

11:20    Jean-Malo Couzigou Interplay of plant and bacteria factors for robust nodule development and functioning in soybean

11:35    Ludivine Guigard Deciphering Oryza sativa’s general and specific responses towards root colonization by Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

11:50    Kévin Magne Symbiotic-like and pathogenic interactions of the Ensifer adhaerens T4 - Medicago truncatula couple



12:15    13:15    DEJEUNER                                                   





13:30   17:00   LIBRE






17:00   19:10   SESSION Evolution, phylogeny, plant and bacterial genomics

Modérateurs : Marie-Anne BARNY et Lionel GAGNEVIN

17:00    Invitée Honour McCann Genomic history of an outbreak: Ralstonia in Martinique and beyond

17:40    Mathieu Mahillon From insect endosymbiont to phloem colonizer: lifestyle transition within the genus Arsenophonus

17:55    Lionel Gagnevin Herbaria in natural history collections illuminate the evolutionary history and emergence of Citrus bacterial canker

18:10    Marta Torres Bejar Plant colonization by Paraburkholderia species explained at the genome scale

18:25    Maïwenn Pineau DNA Supercoiling as a global transcriptional regulator: a complex mechanism involved in the infection process of the phytopathogen Dickeya dadantii ?

18:40    Jessica Dittmer Comparative genomics of Xylella fastidiosa subsp. multiplex strains from France reveals pathogen dynamics after its introduction

18:55    Marie Invernizzi New functions for RLKs in plant environment perception: common components of plant-plant competition and plant-pathogen interactions?


19:30    20:30    DINER                                                          


21:00                 Soirée dansante                                      





Vendredi 24 mars 2023


09:10   11:45   SESSION Structure, function and engineering of the microbiome within the phytobiome

Modératrices: Marie SIMONIN et Wafa ACHOUAK

09:10    Invité Ashley Shade Exploring the seed microbiome and its consequences for plant resilience

09:50    Tiffany Garin Bacterial Type VI secretion system: a driver of seed microbiota assembly?

10:05    Gontran Arnault Seedling microbiota engineering using synthetic community inoculation on seeds

10:20    Avital Friedjung Yosef All in one: the microbiome of a rootless plant


10:35    PAUSE                                                          


11:00    Fabienne Vailleau Establishing a genomic map of natural variation of vegetative growth response to beneficial leaf bacteria in Arabidopsis thaliana

11:15    Florence Arsène-Ploetze The Arabidopsis thaliana-Streptomyces interaction is controlled by the metabolic status of the host and leads to a remodeling of the plant proteome.

11:30    Paloma Duran Climate drives rhizosphere microbiome variation and divergent selection between geographically distant Arabidopsis populations



11:45   Remise des prix et Clôture du Colloque                                                               


12:15    13:15    DEJEUNER